Malvern Preparatory School

All Boys • College Preparatory • Faith-Based
Grades offered: 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th

Malvern Prep is an independent, Catholic school committed to the Augustinian values of veritas, unitas and caritas, meaning truth, unity and love. Since 1842, the School’s tradition has been to prepare young men for college, for leadership and for life. Malvern educates its students in a caring environment focused on academics while maintaining balance between spirituality, arts, athletics and activities. Students are learning a foundation of knowledge today so that they may lead with integrity tomorrow.

Malvern is blessed to be a tightly knit family supporting and challenging students in grades 6 through 12, as they become successful students, citizens, and leaders. Our students come to us as boys on the verge of adolescence and grow into young men of character and commitment. Challenge, community, care, and respect are the recurring themes that characterize our school.

Our standards are high, but involved faculty and a low student-to-faculty ratio allow for the individual attention that helps each student reach his potential. We are a dedicated, diverse Christian community. We appreciate our members’ accomplishments and support them in achieving their goals.

Malvern is a special place, and we take great pride in acknowledging our students’ academic achievements, athletic excellence, their aptitude for the fine arts, and our community spirit, Christian Service and leadership.

418 S. Warren Avenue, Malvern PA 19355
(484) 595-1100

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